Dancing blow-up men
don’t work. We do.

As inventors of the best practices in
modern retail, we teach you to get real
results, and those results stick.

When it comes to retail sales training or retail management training, don’t settle for anyone less than the originators.

And when it’s your money on the line, why would you?

Established in 1980 by retail thought leader Harry J. Friedman, The Friedman Group pioneered modern retail sales training, and re-shaped an entire industry as the result. We teach serious retailers around the world how to get real results, and those results stick. During the last 35 years, we have expanded with offices around the globe and have trained more than half a million retailers on sustainable best practices that combine world-class service with a sales-oriented culture at every touchpoint and beyond. Our goal has always been to empower individuals at every level to provide a world-class guest experience that boosts revenues and encourages loyalty. As a result of our continued success across a broad spectrum of clients, we have earned a place as thought leaders among our peers and continue to set ever higher standards of excellence. Simply put, we are the leader in retail sales training & retail management consulting for one reason: WE WORK.

The Problems We Solve

Every retailer has problems they want to solve. Difficulty generating sales increases. Lack of accountability or formalized training. Even help with protecting success. Whatever yours are, we can help.

Retail Sales Training in progress
We work with serious retailers who know sales increases can and should come from front-line personnel. While we’ve worked with about every retail sector out there, we’ve had particular success in these industries:
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Pool & Spa
  • Shoes
  • Sporting Goods
  • Electronics & Wireless
  • Apparel
  • Other industries with lower average transactions and high-traffic or big-box environments

How We Solve Them

We’re not your typical consultants, we’re master implementers. We don’t just train employees, we use our integrated services to implement processes that become fundamental to the businesses we help and make consistent growth possible.

The Most Common Frustration in Retail. Solved.

5-20% Average Sales Increases

Results That Stick

We get every client proven results, and those results stick because they create a new sales culture and accountability that sustains growth. Ten percent increases are a given. More typical are 20 to even 30 percent increases.

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